Affordable Green Homes Made Possible by Petrides Homes

March 08, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

An affordable line of green homes are introduced recently by New York-based residential development firm, Petrides Homes. CountryLoft™, the new line of affordable green homes has a SoHo lofts designs — an industrial aesthetic design of the 1970s with the architectural elements of a huge rural working spaces, like silos and sheds, and incorporate in into city living.

Affordable Green Homes Made Possible by Petrides Homes

Another home builder, Meritage Homes has recently unveiled its newly constructed energy efficient homes in San Antonio and Dallas- Fort Worth, Texas. The new green homes could revolutionary save about 60 percent on electric bills, according to company information.

The new line of Petrides Homes’ energy efficient green homes, according to company information, is one of the company’s inexpensive homes to date, while creating the green building practices and initiatives into something new.

Average home price for the new line of green homes starts with $150 per square foot.

The opening of the CountryLoft’s green homes follows Petrides’ completion of another home project in Millbrook, New York — Evertson Hill.

According to Petrides Homes’s founder, George Petrides, the company wanted to create new designs for a young, modern audience, and green living should not be expensive like most green homes in the residential real estate market.

The new line of homes uses the “kit of parts” concept, which means that three main parts of the house can be modified according to the home buyer’s needs and wants. A tower that is made from insulated panels and steel frames, houses up to four bedrooms.

And the most important part of this line of green homes, according to Petrides Homes, is the home design that allows it to be disassembled and can be moved to another site.

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