Affordable Apartment Opens for Low- Income Families in LA

February 03, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Watts Labor Community Action Committee— an agency offers a homeless support services with shelter services and access center, primarily for low-income families living in Los Angeles, with Affordable Housing CDC Inc, its development partner, will be celebrating the grand opening of its affordable apartment project located 9315 Firth Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Affordable Apartment Opens for Low- Income Families in LA

The affordable apartment— Dolores McCoy Villa, is designated for people who have households earnings from $15,000- 45,000 per year. Rental rates will be expected to start from $510-985.

McCoy Villa is an affordable apartment that will help support and service the homeless families in Watts, a residential neighborhood in South Los Angeles, to make a new beginning.

All residents in the affordable apartment, which are formerly incarcerated, low- income and homeless will be able to receive individual social services including access to health care or substance abuse services, academic counseling, employment training and placement, budget counseling, and assistance focused on independent living skills and families.

According to a press release, the fully- furnished affordable apartment consists of 40 two- bedroom units and 24 three-bedroom floor units. The apartment units also features central heating and cooling systems, energy-saving appliances, bedrooms with a walk-in closet, spacious dining and living areas, and open space kitchens.

The funding for the $27 million housing project comes from various private and public sources including the U.S. Bank, City of Los Angeles Housing Department, National Equity Fund, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, and County of Los Angeles CDC.

The grand opening of the affordable apartment will be on Thursday, February 3, 2011 with the city officials of Los Angeles.

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