A Wind Turbine with 100-Years Lifespan?

March 22, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

A newly developed solar powered wind turbine — a new type of solar-wind vertical axis, is designed to promote renewable energy and clean air. Major difference of the wind turbine, according to a report, is energy produced is cheaper compared to any other source. It is international project that originates from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria, and in partnership with specialists from the United States, Spain and Denmark.

A Wind Turbine with 100-Years Lifespan?

Basic operating process of the wind turbine, according to the report, involves the air collected by the machine, which are redirected into a rotor that creates high air pressure, and the air goes out using a direct wind flow and upward warmed by the sun fluxes — solar powered, into the vertically mounted wing-shaped blades.

The wind turbine’s transformation of the mechanical energy of rotation into electrical energy, the report stated, is due to a generator that has copper coils and permanent magnets — it contains no friction parts.

The difference between the solar-wind vertical axis wind turbine and the traditional horizontal-axis turbines is its long lifespan (more than 100 years) because its easy to operate compared to the traditional ones. This wind turbine is also eco-friendly and can withstand stronger winds (60 m / s) compared to the horizontal-axis turbines that needs to be stopped to avoid damage.

According to the report, the wind turbine can generate up to 8460000 kilowatt hour a year — on average, or 705,000 kilowatt a month, or 23,178 per day, but can generate an average of 966 kWh.

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