1930’s Home Undergo Modern Green Remodel

March 14, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

The firm that delivers residential design and construction services for renovations, and additions — Decatur, Georgia-based Renewal Design-Build, has recent done a green remodel of a 900 square feet 1930s cottage in the area. The firm had also won the Construction of the Year award or CotY from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) for home’s green remodel.

1930’s Home Undergo Modern Green Remodel

Another 1930’s building has also been renovated to become an energy-efficient structure. The old and historic school house is recently concerted in to a green building and has been awarded with the highest certification from the U.S Green Building Council — LEED Platinum.

According to the CEO at Renewal Design-Build, Peter Michelson, green homes integrate sustainable design ideas and materials, which are aimed to protect the environment and promote energy conservation.

Renewal Design-Build, according to company information, is dedicated to build energy-efficient homes — an effort to help lessen climate change. The company green remodel plans integrates a number of green initiatives and strategies that aims to increase the home’s energy efficiency by 30 percent, while conserving water and reducing storm water pollution.

The home’s owners have also teamed up with the Renewal team and architect Eric Rawlings for the green remodel, and to integrate sustainable and innovative building practices for the exterior and interior construction of the home.

In the actual green remodel, most if the home’s original parts are deconstructed, while reusing and recycling everything they can use from the original home structure.

Green products installed in the home include Energy Star-rated appliances, new geothermal cooling and heating, high-efficiency doors and windows, and a rainwater collecting system for landscape irrigation, to flush toilets and wash cars — which are all part total green remodel.

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