14 Million Homes Targeted in £10,000 ‘Green Deal’

May 15, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

The UK government has set out plans to grant £10,000 to around 14 million homes in the country to subsidize the expenditures in improving the households as part of its “Green Deal“.

14 Million Homes Targeted in £10,000 ‘Green Deal’

The announcement comes on the foot of a survey conducted by international internet-based market research firm YouGov, and is commissioned by Stop Climate Chaos, in which 59% of people in UK are calling for their government officials to pull up their sleeves and double up efforts to fulfill their promise at turning UK into the ‘greenest government ever’, as they believe government officials are not doing their job in promoting green homes improvement across the country.

The government subsidy is earmarked for the installation of energy-saving materials like roof insulation, double glazing and cavity walls.

On top of that, homeowners are said to receive benefits from mod- cons such as under-floor heating and new efficient boilers and taxpayers’ money for the installation of water-efficient taps and showers, light fittings and draught proofing.

From the 14 million households, the UK government will only choose houses that have the potential to be more energy efficient once the program has been applied to them, thereby cutting their costs on energy.

The program is expected to raise the price of houses.

Environment minister Greg Barker said the Green Deal is the “greatest home improvement” advocacy since the World War II.

The green program will hopefully boost the economy of UK by generating £2.5 billion from energy savings and creating up to 70,000 jobs.

Under the Green Deal, utility companies, High Street retailers and charities are ordered to send advisers to households to identify the savings before refitting the homes, taking into account the initial costs. Consumers won’t have to worry over up-front costs.

As a mode of repayment, consumers will see fees being reflected in their electricity and heating bills over 25 years, which will work on installment basis.

The Green Deal allowance to improve UK households originally earmarked £6,500, but as promised during the elections, Barker said it was raised to £10,000.

The Coalition aims to complete the Green Deal by 2020 to help families cut energy bills and protect them against future rise in prices.

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