10MW Wind Turbine Quadruples Power

May 18, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

A wind turbine manufacturer in Ukraine has developed a vertical axis solar and wind generator on magnetic levitation that can generate energy four times greater than traditional horizontal axis wind turbine and announced start of preorders.

10MW Wind Turbine Quadruples Power

Astralux LTD, a wind energy technology developer and wind turbines manufacturer established in November 2009, announced its newest development of wind turbines whose capacity ranges from 10 kW to 20 MW.

Compared to the traditional three-blade horizontal axis wind turbine that requires constant maintenance, the vertical-axis solar wind turbine has a rotor that levitates on a magnetic suspension, which eliminates the need for lubricants and greatly increases efficiency.

The generator of a single wind turbine operates on the principle of non-contact interaction of the magnetic field and coils.

An Astralux wind turbine, whose useful life is promised to reach 100 years, starts to rotate at 1.5 m/s wind speed without vibrations or infra-sound. After it reaches the nominal power output at 9.5 – 11 m/s, it continues to generate more and more energy till wind speed reaches 40 m/s, unlike the traditional wind turbine that usually start at 3 m/s, reach maximum power at 15 m/s and have the same output up to 25 m/s.

This feature enables a wind turbine with rated capacity of 10MW to generate 40MW at wind speed 15 m/s.

Moreover, a vertical wind turbine catches the wind from any direction at any time, so there is no need to orient it in the direction of the wind. Otherwise, the efficiency of the wind turbine goes down as in the case of the traditional three-blade.

The wind turbine uses the direct wind flow and the hot rising air that increase its efficiency, that’s why manufacturer calls it “solar and wind”.

When any element of the generator fails, the wind turbine’s modularity allows to repair the whole system without stopping the turbine completely.

With its simple design, simple technology, and cheap available materials and equipment, the Astralux wind turbine are reasonably priced.

The prices start from US$25,000 for 10 kW wind turbine to US$34 million for 20 MW turbine, with 50% prepayment, excluding the shipping, handling and installation charges. Company declared 3 months delivery time for preordered and prepaid turbines of 10 kW to 100 kW capacities.

Astralux noted that at present, the most powerful three-blade wind turbines traditionally have 5 MW capacity. Usually, several wind generators are coupled to build large power plants.

As Astralux claims, wind turbine can be scaled to create a very large power turbine with a capacity of between about 1 to 2 gigawatts, however does not disclose size and planned dates of manufacturing of wind turbine of that size.

Traditionally, the area for wind power park for horizontal axis wind turbine requires larger area since windmills must be placed at a distance from each other to avoid overlapping. The distance spans 10 blades diameters between two wind turbines, plus the exclusion zone around the perimeter ranging from 20 to 30 diameters.

With the Astralux wind turbine, the occupied area lessens 9 times for the installation, which is equivalent to 10 traditional windmills.

Astralux also promotes sustainability as its wind turbines are made of recycled materials. The company promises 10 years of trouble-free operations backed up with warranty.

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