Zapotek’s New Green Product Can Save Water by 70%

December 10, 2010 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

An international direct distributor and marketer of consumer products, Zevotek, Inc have recently acquired a newly patented green product, which reduces the water consumption of an average American home by 70 percent. The green product is said to pay for itself by means of utility bill savings.

Zapotek’s New Green Product Can Save Water by 70%

The green product is U.S patented and can cut the amount of water usage in any toilet—without sacrificing the quality of the toilet.

Zapotek Inc acquired the newly patented green product with the exclusive global manufacturing and sales right from a New York based company, Metaproject.

The company will distribute the water-saving device to Ace Hardware Stores and Home Depot, straight to American consumers. Zapotek plans to use Internet marketing and tv ads to sell the product.

According to Zapotek Inc’s CEO, Rob Babkie, the company is thrilled to have the exclusive rights to sell the water-saving device, and in helping the environment in saving water, as well as water bills. Babkie also added that the device has passed the thorough U.S. patenting process and the company is ready for the production.

The green product will be launch by the company in the United States and expand in Asia and Europe. Zapotek is expecting for a high international demand for their newest product that can save significant amounts of water.

An average American home uses approximately 60 gallons of water per day, but by using the new green product, the family can save up to 70 percent water consumption per day and save money on sewer and water utility bills.

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