Wide Span Sheds Introduces a New Country Estate’s Steel-Kit-Homes

October 07, 2010 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Australia’s leading supplier of steel-kit-homes, garages, barns, industrial and commercial buildings, and farm sheds, Wide Span Sheds. The company is now set to make-public the vitals in Country living, with the introduction of the new Country Estate steel-kit-homes. According to a statement by the company, they planned the design especially for a large family.

Wide Span Sheds Introduces a New Country Estate’s Steel-Kit-Homes

Mr. James Folwell, the national marketing and sales manager for Wide Span Homes said that they have spent a couple of years in developing this new design for a family home.

Folwell also said that this new steel-kit-homes offers the ideals in a country-living because it is spacious, with rooms for the children’s bedroom and the remarkably huge master bedroom, as well as a room for the guests.

According to Mr. Folwell, the design was launched last September and is already a favorite among bidding home-owners. The new steel-kit-homes also has a really smooth and “suave” design, and like other conventional house-design, it also has a traditional-home touch in it.

Steel-kit-homes are also quite affordable compared to the conventional and the usual ready-made-house-design in the current market, without sacrificing the quality and space. The kit is designed for a ‘homebuilder’.

This steel-kit-home is designed perfectly for Australia’s climate. Depending on their preference, the steel-kit-home design can also be modified by customers.

The kit can also be delivered directly to the clients and is ready to install or assemble. Wide Span Homes considers this new steel-kit-homes design the most reasonably-priced means for customers to build their homes nowadays.

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