Waiting for a Samsung Galaxy S2 – AT&T

September 20, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Reports Show Customers Upset by Waiting

Various reports show that there are customers who are not impressed by having to wait for their, Samsung Galaxy S2 of AT&T.  Some reports also show that this particular model is the perfectionist Galaxy S2 variation of the three available in America, presumably not taking into account the physical “home” facility.

Waiting for a Samsung Galaxy S2 – AT&T

Apart from the 4.3 inches screen of the original version and the similar thin profile, the Samsung Galaxy S2 of AT&T has the advantage of being a GSM device, a feature that could increase user anticipation in comparison to other variations.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is presently available in America, which is the Sprint Nextel variation also recognized as the Samsung Galaxy II Epic 4G Touch. Despite this fact, reports show that many customers are waiting for AT&T to introduce their version. This could be the forerunner Samsung Galaxy S2 GSM device model to arrive for American users.

It appears that if there is a perception of customer dissatisfaction with the delay of the Samsung Galaxy S2 from AT&T, this could arise from certain sources, showing the model would be available from September 18. This apparently has not happened and various reviews have showed disappointment. However, the press release from AT&T did not show the release date of the new Smartphone, or its selling price. The only comment of consequence, being that the Samsung Galaxy S2 from AT&T was “coming soon”.

Reports show that AT&T when referring to their Samsung Galaxy S2, have described its design as being the thinnest Smartphone produced by Samsung. The thickness of the device about 9mm, compared to that of the “Sprint Nextel Samsung Galaxy II Epic 4G Touch of about 10mm.

A further development in the saga is a report that T-Mobile will launch a Samsung Galaxy S2 variation this fall, identified as the Samsung Galaxy SII X. Further reports say it will offer a 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor!

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2 Responses to “Waiting for a Samsung Galaxy S2 – AT&T”

  1. Robert says:

    Going to pick up my new phone from Sprint today. Well worth the $140 cancellation fee. As a customer to AT&T for almost 10 years I think I’ve proven my loyalty. I’m extremely frustrated (not shocked) by AT&T’s games. They know when the phone is coming out, they are not telling their customers so they can wring a little more money out of their Apple unveiling. I’m done with AT&T.

  2. Han Job says:

    I m going to leave at&t if they don’t release this phone very soon.

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