Verizon Ready to Launch BlackBerry Torch 2 – 9850

August 27, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

A newly leaked advertisement from Verizon Wireless clearly shows that the carrier is preparing to release the latest and arguably greatest BlackBerry to date, by way of the Torch 9850. While no specific information has been made available regarding exact release dates, the nature of the as would suggest to expect the new Torch sooner rather than later.

Verizon Ready to Launch BlackBerry Torch 2 – 9850

The news will essentially come as little surprise to most, as the majority of phone operators across theUShave already announced their own plans to launch the Torch 9850, with Verizon having been expected to follow suit.

The new Torch marks just one of the four new devices announced by RIM earlier this month, officially listed as shipping with a 3.7 inch display, 12.GHz processor, 5 megapixel camera and what is set to be the star of the show for many, the new BlackBerry OS 7 software.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will of course be included as standard, as will be the option of upgrading internal storage by way of microSD inclusion. Exact price details are yet to be released, though buyers can expect to pay somewhere around the $250 mark alongside the usual contract.

Such marks the latest in a seemingly endless rally of RIM products, with many more on the horizon for 2011 as the Canadian company desperately struggles to end a dry spell already suffered for much of the year.

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  1. Blackberry Torch Phone says:

    Hey I stumbled your blog and took the time to read it because it seems interesting. Lets hope these new Blackberry’s can give RIM a push. The Mobile Phones are still the preferred device for people who need security. Unfortunately the general public and the majority of people don’t need everything Blackberry Torch offers. Its certainly usable by all but for many a Flashy i Phone that is turned obsolete every year is better.
    Who knows why. The same reasons people buy into the Kardashians. Makes no sense but its real.

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