Verizon Awaits Arrival of Google Nexus Prime and HTC Vigor

October 08, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

While Verizon may have been quite notable quite since the release of the Motorola Droid Bionic ,the rumor mill has of course been anything but. As such, a small army of enthusiastic observers are now looking forward to the next most likely releases to land on the network, which are of course the Google Nexus Prime and the HTC Vigor.

Verizon Awaits Arrival of Google Nexus Prime and HTC Vigor

The HTC Vigor is set to take over where the Thunderbolt left off and serve as the flagship for the brand, while the Nexus Prime on the other hand will be the successor to the Samsung Droid Charge. So far, neither phone has been officially announced or laid bare for examination, though most of their specs end to end have of course been conclusively speculated.

Generally speaking, the internal specs are likely to be incredibly closely matched, with dual-core processors, generous servings of RAM and huge storage capacities. There will of course be something of a difference when it comes to the displays the brands offer, though again this be more a case of personal preference than one example winning hands-down.

It therefore remains something of a coin-toss at the moment, though the truth is that either device would make an excellent choice for those looking to find out exactly what next-generation really means. That being said, rumor has it that the HTC Vigor will be boasting a quite superb battery life, so if it really comes down to the most minor of technicalities, it may but just such a bonus that seals the deal.

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