Vaisala’s Green Head Office Achieves Gold LEED Status

May 27, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

The energy-efficient head office of Finnish environmental and industrial measurement instruments provider Vaisala has achieved a gold LEED rating for New Construction for its high scores in energy and water use.

Vaisala’s Green Head Office Achieves Gold LEED Status

“Environmental issues are more than just a business for Vaisala. Our new head office is a great example of all the things we hold in high value. Encouraging sustainable behavior is evident everywhere in the new building – for example, the best parking spaces are reserved for low emission vehicles”, said Vaisala CEO Kjell Forsén.

Around 20 percent of the head office’s energy use is supplied by the 700 square meter photovoltaic panels that have been installed in the rooftop.

Every year, the solar panels generate 100 MWh, which makes the head office as one of the single largest solar energy producers in Finland.

For its heating and cooling system, the head office relies on a massive geothermal power system that produces all of the energy used for that purpose.

In addition, its water consumption is cut by half through its water-efficient fixtures.

Vaisala manufactures instruments that become part of a heavy-duty building automation system, saving energy and providing quality indoor air.

For example, temperature and carbon dioxide are measured using the instruments that in turn use the information gathered to control the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Maximization of lighting efficiency is made possible through light sensors.

Vaisala’s instruments also gather the present weather information and direct both the HVAC inside the building and snow melting equipment in the outdoors.

The snow melting equipment uses geothermal heating to rid the courtyard of snow during winter season.

Additionally, the head office has pyranometers installed in it to control external sun screens that reduce the need for cooling during summer.

Meanwhile, the Minneapolis-based retail company Target has announced that it will acquire 220 Milton Zellers stores in Canada for $1.85 billion, with its head office to be based out of Mississauga in a LEED gold certified 180,000 square-foot building.

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