USGBC Launches New LEED Rating System and Volume Program

November 25, 2010 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

The United States Green Building Council launches its new LEED rating system, the council’s latest green building rating system—LEED for Retail. The LEED rating system’s new rating system and LEED Volume Program, a program planned to meet the certification requirements of high-volume real estate property developers were launched by USGBC.

USGBC Launches New LEED Rating System and Volume Program

The new LEED rating system for Retail will be recognizing designs and construction needs for the market sector. The for-Retails LEED rating system will also encourage forward-thinking retailers to incorporate green building design, operation, and construction into their build-out projects, retail interior, and ground-up construction.

The Senior Vice President of LEED Scot Horst said that in the current market, knowledgeable retailers see the worth in designing, constructing, and building environments that enhances their clients’ experience.

Horst said that retailers can also promote a more productive employee base and can save valuable resources.

Since the conception of the new LEED rating system in 2007, numerous national franchisers and retailers participated in USGBC’s LEED for Retail.

Several of the country’s major franchisers and retailers include Target, Starbucks, Pizza Fusion, McDonald’s, LL Bean, Kohl’s, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Chipotle, Best Buy, and Bank of America.

LEED Volume Program was also launched at Greenbuild International Conference. It is a certification program for high-volume real estate property developers like hospitality providers, state, local and federal government, and national retailer’s requirement needs.

The volume program will simplify certification requirement processes.

The program and the new LEED rating system for Retail were announced during the Greenbuild International Conference & Expo of USGBC in Chicago, Illinois.

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