University Campus Turn into a Lab for Green Initiatives

January 24, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Universities taking green initiatives are now very common in most parts of the world. Recently, the University of British Columbia is in the process of renovating the entire university grounds as an urban-sustainability laboratory— as part of promoting green initiatives in the area. The entire project will receive a LEED Gold certification from the U.S Green Building Council, according to John Robinson, the project’s director.

University Campus Turn into a Lab for Green Initiatives

At the center of the new green initiatives project is a building that is expected to open by summer 2011, which will purify rain water, generate electricity, and regulate the campus’ energy consumption that will reduce its carbon footprint.

According to Robinson, the campus’ objective is to construct a building that will help improve the environment.

And, the school is not only constructing one building because the entire campus will be considered as an integrated system, added Robinson.

As part of the school’s green initiatives, older buildings in the campus will receive energy-saving retrofits from new buildings so the entire campus will become a city-sized sustainability laboratory.

The university is distinctively positioned to test system-wide and develop energy solutions, which will be near- impossible to accomplish in a city where every property is separately owned, said Robinson regarding the campus becoming a laboratory.

The worth $37-million Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability is now under construction.

University of British Columbia will be working with some private firms including BC Hydro and Honeywell with the green initiatives.

And as part of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan, the city issue a memorandum of taking the school’s green initiatives and research into practice—in the real surroundings.

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