Trump Oceanfront Condominium Attracting More Buyers

March 09, 2011 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

The new luxurious condominium in Hollywood Beach Florida is now gaining success as its sales increases for the past three months. Trump Hollywood, the ocean front condominium has sold a total of 19 units totaling $25 million for the last three months, according to the property’s new owner and developer, BH III LLC Managing Partner, which acquired the property late last year.

Trump Oceanfront Condominium Attracting More Buyers

Inline with the increase in condominium sales, majority of the developers sold about 85 percent of the condo units built in South Florida within the building construction boom that started in 2002, according to Bal Harbour-based Condo Vultures.

Trump Hollywood, a 200-unit condominium building, was acquired by the real estate firm from South Florida and the New York-based global investment management firm, King Street Capita. It offers two-, three-, and five-bedroom units from 2,100 to 5,000 square feet of space.

According to Daniel Lebensohn, a principal from BH3, majority of the buyers at the Trump Hollywood are from South Florida, who uses the condominium building as primary residence.

Other buyers at the condominium are second-home purchaser from other states like New York, Chicago, and from Latin America and Canada. The buyers, according to Lebensohn, decided to acquire a condo unit at Trump Hollywood because of its new pricing structure.

The average price for one condo unit at Trump usually starts from over $700,000 to over $6 million.

Located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, the 41-story contemporary glass condominium is just minutes away from the South Beach, Las Olas Boulevard, Aventura Mall, Bal Harbour Shops, and other recreational sites.

The condominium, according to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Trump Organization, Donald Trump, is said to be one of the finest development on the East Coast.

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5 Responses to “Trump Oceanfront Condominium Attracting More Buyers”

  1. George Bailey says:

    Your article claims the Trump Hollywood is almost sold out and has made 19 sales in the last three months. That claim is at odds with the facts as presented by the Broward County Property Appraiser website,, which lists only 27 property owners other than the developer, TRG Holiday LTD. 27 units is 13.5% of the total units at Trump…hardly qualifying as “Sold out, almost”.
    As of three months ago the bcpa website showed 14 owners other than the developer. That would allow for 8 recorded sales in the last three months.
    I know there is a small lag time between closing date and the date the new owner appears in the County records, but it appears that the claims in this article are quite misleading.
    I would appreciate your comments to clarify the issue.

  2. Trump Dump Resident says:

    I would hardly call selling 19 units in a 200 unit building sold out. This place is practically empty. It also sucks to live here.

    - women’s sauna still broken after months of complaining
    -parking garage door broken (you had to honk -classy! NOT!)
    - parking garage a chintzy dirty mess with construction materials all over (our car gets filthy every day from it!)
    -alarm has gone off numerous times (sometimes in middle of the night with voice FIRE FIRE (ALL false alarms!)
    -lots of stuff unfinished (hallways etc) Some say they ran out of money- it’s awful!
    -WATER pressure (or lack thereof) in the units is awful! We can barely take a shower!!
    -management not very helpful and still things not fixed
    - TELEVISION SOUND (stereo system) was left on for FOUR MONTHS at night even though TV was off. It’s surround sound and we (and other patrons at buildings next door) could not figure out where sound was coming from. Front desk would say it’s another building. FINALLY I figured it out late one night. It was awful and kept us up for months!
    -None of the floors are done in units (ALL CONCRETE) so as units slooowwwwwly sell you have CONSTANT CONSTRUCTION with no end in sight! Good luck with that! It’s awful!
    -cheap doors don’t even appear to be real wood and are broken in our unit. One of our DOOR Frames fell apart already! Just awful and no excuse for poor construction!
    -Forget laying out by the pool because you hear construction from one of 200 units at all times because they leave doors wide open and have to put in loud huge tiles on all balconies. It’s like laying out in the middle of a construction zone (because it really IS!!!)
    - chairs provided at the beach are a complete JOKE! You cannot recline in them or turn over on your stomach. The ugly cheap buildings on either side at least have decent chairs (and honestly one of the cheap buildings really is nicer than the dump!
    - I recommend another building not in “Holly Hood” (da hood) and certainly not the Dump Trump (Ocean palms or residences better!)

  3. Maggie Curran says:

    I’ve noticed that this person keeps posting the same negative comments in different places online. It’s clear he has an ulterior motive because his statements are not true. The only thing remotely true is about the beach chairs, which are being replaced. The new owners have only been present since December and have been wonderful.

    I don’t know who you are, negative person, but if you were a real resident you would be in contact with the management to get issues resolved, not post the SAME LIES on different websites.

    This type of behavior is actually illegal, and your IP address is a simple way to track you down. If they wanted, they could file legal charges against you for defamatory damages meant to cause financial harm.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you were an employee of a competitor luxury building.

  4. Carolyn Jones says:

    I don’t know who this Doc Holiday is. He’s been posting the same lies all over the web. He definitely has an ax to grind or is a competitor to Trump Hollywood. What he writes is completely fabricated. I don’t think he even lives in the building. He may be a broker. Please don’t listen to what he writes. What he’s doing is illegal because he’s trying to financially ruin some really nice people and a beautiful building. Go see for yourselves!

  5. Trump Resident says:

    I am so let down now that I moved into the Trump. From no water pressure to many broken items and a fridge door lying on the floor to unfinished building (not just in the units but outside as well) I wish I could back in time and have moved in somewhere else. Please buyer beware. Go elsewhere. Anywhere else but here

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