Totally Green: P&G’s Design for New Company Locations

February 28, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

An American multinational corporation that manufactures wide range of consumer goods decided to promote green sustainability by pursuing LEED qualifications for all its office premises, around the world. Procter & Gamble has recently announced that it will be building all its office premises and factories with LEED standard — beginning with is new plant in China, which breaks ground recently.

Totally Green: P&G’s Design for New Company Locations

Another company — FedEx Express, has also announced recently its plans to practice LEED standard for all its operating facilities and all point of sales in the United States. The company’s point of sales to adopt green sustainability design is its headquarters in Memphis.

The company’s plant in Taicang, China would be its first among futures factories to practice LEED standard for sustainability, while it would be the first among several office premises that Procter & Gamble is adding and will be pursuing a LEED distinction.

According to the global product supply officer at P&G, Keith Harrison, pursuing a LEED certification for the company’s office premises, which include innovation centers, while making its distribution and manufacturing centers the next evolution in facility eco-design development that will guarantee merit in sustainable design.

The LEED certification is created by the U.S Green Building Council — a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable building design and construction.

P&G’s China plant features significant green design including a water system that reduce water consumption, a lighting system that uses solar energy, and an operational system for construction waste management — recycling to achieve zero-construction-waste.

All new factories of the company that are currently under construction in the United States are designed to achieve LEED certification, and all points of sales in other countries will be designed to meet any local “green standard”.

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