Student Housing on Top of Bookstore?

March 17, 2011 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

A 378-bed student housing on top of 8,300 square feet of retail/book store will soon be developed at the University of La Verne or the ULV’s former student parking lot. Designed by KTGY Group, Inc, the new student housing development above the university bookstore will be break ground by the end of this month, a groundbreaking celebration for the start of the construction will be held.

Student Housing on Top of Bookstore?

Inline with the development of student hosuing, Crescent Resources, will also be developing a new student homes concept within the University of Texas. Circle West Campus, the new student homes development, according to company information, will be located at the intersection of Longview Streets and West 25th.

KTGY Group, according to company information, will be providing the architectural design services for ULV’s of 103,255 square feet mixed-use retail and student housing, which will be developed by Hanover Pacific, an integrated real estate development company.

The student housing layout plan will include a living space and combination of single- and double-occupancy bedrooms. But, majority of the units — about 68 units, will have four-bedroom units serving six students.

Located at the south end of the University of La Verne campus, at the intersection of 2nd Street and “D” Street, the new student housing will have shared common areas, ample study areas on every floor, and differently programmed lounges.

According to a principal at KTGY Group, David Senden, the new student housing complex will help assist the ULV in accommodating the existing needs of the overall student population as well as in assisting in the retention and recruitment of new students in the university.

Students who will be living in the soon-to-be-constructed student housing, are expected to take part in the food services plan in the university.

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