Steve Jobs to Appear at Apple iPhone 5 Event Later Today

October 04, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Despite the fact that Steve Jobs is no longer the CEO of Apple, he is still expected to appear at the iPhone event later today, alongside his successor Tim Cook.

Steve Jobs to Appear at Apple iPhone 5 Event Later Today

The information stems from a new report suggesting that the pair will chair the meeting side by side, suggesting that anything else would be quite hugely disappointing. It has not however been revealed whether or not the expectation of a Steve Jobs appearance come from insider information, or simply educated guesswork.

With a number of health issues, Steve Job resigned from his high-profile post during August, though remains with Apple as chairman of the board of directors. He has always taken pride of place in the introduction of new Apple products, just as he did with the iPad 2 back in March, despite being on leave for medical reasons.

Needless to say, the event itself has been the talk of the tech-town since long before it was announced, with the eyes of the world now focused squarely on the form the next generation iPhone will take. According to many sources, the new iPhone 5 is to appear a fully redesigned Smartphone of epic proportions, while an equal number report that nothing other than an upgraded iPhone 4 is coming – perhaps sporting the name of the iPhone 4S.

Either way and disappointment or not, the answers we have all been waiting for may be just hours away…

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