Starbucks’ “Green” Retail Stores Ready to Take Off

March 04, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

An international coffee and coffeehouse chain, Starbuck is now on the “green” side too as the company take on the road to making its retail stores, eco-friendly. The largest coffeehouse globally, with about 16,858 retail stores in 50 countries, is been working closely with the U.S Green Building Council to pre-certify all its new stores — even if it’s still in operations and construction level.

Starbucks’ “Green” Retail Stores Ready to Take Off

Inline with green retail stores, FedEx Express, a cargo airline based in Memphis, Tennessee, has also announced recently that its plans to secure LEED certification for all its operating facility in the United States.

According to company information, Starbucks has taken on LEED’s standard for all its new retail stores — all from interior decor and green building materials to energy and water conservation systems, which will lead to highly eco-friendly stores.

The company is said to be working hand-in-hand with the USGBC to make a volume-certification process for all its new retail stores — without the difficult process for accreditation due to the company’s large number of retail branches.

The volume-certification process the company will undergo includes periodic reviews and random checks to make sure that every Starbucks’ retail stores keep up with the high green standards.

A report said that Starbucks’ recent venture to the green industry has leaded the way for other large retail chains to participate with USGBC’s LEED volume-certification program.

The coffeehouse company plans to integrate energy-efficient green features for its retails stores including low-plumbing system for water conservation, reduction of formaldehyde usage, and to make use only of FSC-certified timber products.

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