Sprint Event on October 7th Could Signal iPhone 5 Release

August 31, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

In a move that is guaranteed to fire up a couple of iPhone 5 rumors, the Sprint network has announced an event for members of the media to take place on October 7th. The so-called ‘strategy presentation’ may well serve as huge additional weight to two iPhone 5 rumors already doing the rounds, which suggest that the iPhone 5 will indeed be available across all of the major US networks, along with the idea that its arrival will take place in the first week of October.

Sprint Event on October 7th Could Signal iPhone 5 Release

The Sprint event is set to include a number of presentations from senior management members of the carrier, followed by and extensive Q&A session. Of course, the event could prove to be nothing other than an update as to the future 4G plans of the network, but the more optimistic observer has already got their sights set on an iPhone 5 announcement.

Needless to say, Apple have said nothing either way and have yet to even confirm that an iPhone 5 exists or is in the pipeline. It had been expected that the new device would be the star of the show at this year’s WWDC in June, though such turned out not to be the case and there has been nothing but silence ever since.

Whenever and wherever the new iPhone eventually does make its first appearance, it will be the first major product launch flowing the departure of CEO Steve Jobs.

Earlier in the month Sprint leadership indicate some measure of dismay with the delays posted by the iPhone 5. A summer release date had been expected and a possible October launch  pushes beyond the normal definition of summer and worse starts to eat away at the lucrative holiday season.

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