Sprint, AT&T Galaxy S2 Release Date Not Pressuring the iPhone 5

September 19, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Because the world loves competition eyes have been on the Samsung Galaxy S2 (ii) for months now as a possible strong rival to the venerable iPhone 5. Release dates were rumored and tracked and finally last week Sprint formally offered its version of the phone to the general public calling it the Epic 4G. But the nation’s second biggest carrier, AT&T, who has announced it will be carrying the smartphone is decidedly non-committal about its own release date.

Sprint, AT&T Galaxy S2 Release Date Not Pressuring the iPhone 5

It was widely reported that AT&T would release the phone on September 18 which is now in the definitive past. AT&T is not making any official comments but some employees have offered that the Galaxy S2 my launch “a couple of weeks out”. That is not very competitive considering the Sprint offering is available now and the iPhone 5 will presumably show up in mid-October assuming iPhone 5 rumors are a bit more accurate than AT&T Galaxy S2 rumors.

In AT&T’s favor, Verizon opted out of offering the Galaxy S2. Verizon has the Droid Bionic for sale, a formidable competitor, but is pinning its primary hopes on the future Nexus Prime which will most certainly follow well after the iPhone 5. It may well “out spec” the iPhone 5, so those who are not currently in a hurry and not drinking the Apple cool aid may want to hold out for the Nexus – if Verizon is their cup of tea.

Loyal AT&T customers who want a truly superior phone will just tough it out a couple of more weeks, however long that is, and pick up the Galaxy S2.

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