Skyscraper in Taipei— Soon to Be the World’s Tallest Green Building

January 19, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

The world’s tallest skyscraper from 2004 until the completion Burj Khalifa in Dubai could soon be the world’s tallest green building. According to the Bureau of Energy, which is under the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taipei on January 4, 2011, the Taipei 101 could be the world’s tallest green building if the United States Green Building Council granted its application for a green certification.

Skyscraper in Taipei— Soon to Be the World’s Tallest Green Building

Taipei Financial Center Corporation owns Taipei 101— the skyscraper and applied for a green certification in October 2010 form the USGBC.

The skyscraper is managed by Chicago- based Urban Retail Properties Corporation’s International division.

The TFCC said that the skyscraper expects to achieve a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design— LEED Platinum Certification, and is expecting it receive it later this year.

According to Sheu Jau-fa, TFCC’s head of Engineering Operations Management, the skyscraper is paying an average of NT$119 million or about US$4 million on electricity in 2008, but after the company adopts green sustainable measures, they are now paying about 9.6 percent lesser than their average electricity bill.

Major green sustainable initiatives the skyscraper adopted include cooling and ventilation, new lighting policies, waste reduction measures, and upgraded energy system inside for heating.

A special Ministry of Economic Affairs’ team helped Taipei 101 in its “green” conversion efforts by performing on- site inspections of the numerous businesses situated on its premises.

The team has specified some expert advice for TFCC on variety of subjects associated to energy conservation.

The skyscraper Taipei 101 has 101 stories above the ground and about 5 stories underground.

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