Seekonk’s Luxury Homes Saves $2,826 a Year—in Taxes

March 22, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Newly built luxury homes now hit the market actively in Seekonk, Massachusetts. According to MLS PIN, a multiple-listing service firm, a source of real estate information for real estate professionals in the area, luxury homes in Seekonk are priced from $500,000 and up. About thirteen units of these luxurious homes are out in the market, waiting for home buyers.

Seekonk’s Luxury Homes Saves $2,826 a Year—in Taxes

Inline with luxurious homes and community, G.L. Homes, a local home builder in Florida, decides to attract homebuyers and visitors by creating the Canyon Trails, a luxurious model community, which consists mostly of single-family homes, and located at Palm Beach County. Prices for the luxury homes begin at $260,000 and above, with floor plans from 1,703 to 3,119 square feet, and 2,131 to 3,959 square feet.

The lowest-priced luxury homes listed in Seekonk, according to the report, are priced about $508,999 — on average, while the priciest starts at 649,900. Most of the luxury homes are within the development projects in the area like Brigham Farms, and Banna Estates — a new neighbourhood in Seekonk.

According to reports, moving in Seekonk’s luxury homes saves more than moving to neighboring states and cities like Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Residential tax rate in the area is $11.39 per thousand, while in Barrington — the nearest town is $16.1 per thousand. One can save up to $2,826 a year in taxes, or about $84,780 over 30 years — when looking at the big picture.

Most of the luxury homes, according to the report, are newly constructed.

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