Samsung to Launch Multi-Platform ChatOn Service in Time for Galaxy S2

August 30, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Samsung are set to launch a brand new service named ‘ChatOn’ which is to be a messaging system to work across many platforms, including those of rival companies. Unlike the iMessage system from Apple that only works on branded devices with the iOS platform, ChatOn from Samsung will work across the range of Android devices and Smartphones, Samsung’s Bada, Apple’s iOS and the BlackBerry OS from RIM. The new system is earmarked for release in late September, which is the time many have already pegged the iPhone 5 for release.

Samsung to Launch Multi-Platform ChatOn Service in Time for Galaxy S2

ChatOn is similar to the iMessage system and many other popular examples, allowing the sending and receiving of video messages, images, texts and so on – either by way of one to one communication or in group chats.

It has also been alleged that Google is already in the process of testing its own Huddles system for Google + that does not support images and videos, though an upgrade may be on the cards very soon.

Samsung are expected to begin selling the Samsung Galaxy S2 for the US market as of next month, which has led many to believe that the new software has been deliberately pegged for the same release timeframe. The S2 is the Korean manufacturer’s biggest success story to date, having already sold in excess of 6 million units outside the US.

While the Galaxy S2 may not be available on all carriers, Verizon for example is a now-show, other carriers like Sprint have been chomping at the bit to get the phone. The ChatOn service will provide yet an additional incentive to go Samsung.

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