Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Officially Unveiled – Downsized Tab 10.1

August 30, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Samsung has officially unveiled their new tablet offering by way of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, which is set to run on the super fast LTE networks of carriers like Verizon Wireless. The new Galaxy Tab 8.9 is essentially a stripped down version of the popular Galaxy Tab 10.1, or perhaps a beefed-up version of the Galaxy Tab 7.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Officially Unveiled – Downsized Tab 10.1

The new device measures in at 0.33 inches in thickness and weighs approximately one pound. According to Samsung, the new Galaxy Tab is the perfect device for modern professionals who need to remain productive and entertained while on the move.

The tablet computer measures 0.33 inches thick, and weighs approximately a pound. Samsung says the 8.9-inch screen ensures that the new Galaxy Tab is “the ideal device for modern professionals, who need to stay productive and entertained while on the move.”

Needless to say, the size and weight of the device hold an instant and considerable level of appeal, with the iPad 2 weighing in at 1.32 pounds which is incredibly light in its own right. Combined with the screen size and considerable pedigree, Samsung should have no problem in setting the new Tab 8.9 apart from the competition.

That being said, there are already many calling into question whether or not such a device may be too small – perhaps blurring the line between small tablet PC and large Smartphone.

Full details are thin on the ground at the moment to say the least, though Samsung are rumored to be planning a launch announcement or at least a break in the silence during the IFA conference inBerlinlater this week.

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