Samsung Galaxy S2 Launch Event Delayed by Hurricane Irene

August 27, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Samsung seem to be having trouble catching any sort of break at the moment, with the recent string of lawsuits thrown their way courtesy of Apple now being topped off with problems regarding their US Galaxy S2 launch.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Launch Event Delayed by Hurricane Irene

As most of the world will already be abundantly aware, Samsung had been scheduled to celebrate the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S2 for the USmarket by way of a high profile media event in New York Cityon August 29th. Unfortunately, due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Irene, the event has had to be officially postponed.

According to a spokesman, Samsung have been left with no choice but to hold off on the event for at least an additional day or so, given that the weather conditions have seenNew York Cityenter a state of emergency and in excess of 250,000 people evacuated. Needless to say, this will likely be far from an ideal scenario for Samsung and the already hugely delayed Galaxy S2, though on this occasion the Korean manufacturer can hardly be held responsible.

Furthermore, it seems highly unlikely after several months of infuriating silence and unexplained delays that an extra day of two will really make a difference to patient devotees across theUS.

An official update is expected over the next 24 hours or so.

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  1. Debbie Morgan says:

    Wow, Apple and now Irene trying to slow down the Galaxy S2 express train. Who’s next in line?

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