Samsung Galaxy S2 Chalks Up 10 Million Sales

September 26, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

The Samsung Galaxy S2 may only be around two weeks old in its US iteration, but has been making waves around the world for no less than 5 months now. Needles to say, its juvenile status has done little to stop the S2 breaking almost every Samsung record in the book, with another massive milestone having been passed this week.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Chalks Up 10 Million Sales

According to a new press release from Samsung, the S2 has now surpassed the 10 million mark by way of global sales, which far outstrips the previous company record set by the original Galaxy S. Furthermore, the press release also states that the second 5 million sales required to reach the 10 million mark came about in just two months.

This therefore suggests that not only is hype and hysteria surrounding the S2 far from dying down, but it is actually intensifying. Furthermore, the US carrier specific versions of the S2 have not yet been taken into account and are likely to add anther staggering number of units shipped to the total, adding to an already huge year for Samsung.

Samsung’s dual-core 1.2GHz beast with the world renowned Super AMOLED screen is pegged to go head to head with the elusive iPhone 5 upon its release later this year, though if the current sales are anything to go by, Samsung are already winners in their own right and have very little else to prove.

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