Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Ruby to Launch Side by Side on T-Mobile

August 19, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

A number of recent reports from within the industry have suggested that the T-Mobile iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S2 may in fact not be arriving until September, when it will be accompanied by the HTC Ruby. A leaked document has revealed that the intention may now be to release the hugely powerful devices, which will have largely identical features, side by side on October 26th.

Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Ruby to Launch Side by Side on T-Mobile

Should the reports prove true, the Samsung Galaxy S2 will therefore not be arriving on the shelves of T-Mobile stores within the next months, as had previously been expected. Despite the delay of the T-Mobile variant however, Samsung have nevertheless confirmed that the USwill indeed get their first glimpse of their own Galaxy S2 devices within the month, having also mailed out invitations for an official launch event on New York Cityon August 29th.

It therefore remains to be seen as to exactly which carrier will be privileged enough to get their hands on their own S2 first, though it certainly seems that it will not be T-Mobile. That being said, the addition of the HTC Ruby to compliment the S2 when it finally sees the light of day in October may be just the boost T-Mobile needs to counteract the loss of potential sales in the meantime. Furthermore, for those who really believe that size is everything, the upgraded 4.5 inch screen size the S2 will feature on the T-Mobile network may be worth the wait in its own right.

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