Samsung Galaxy S2 Among Three Devices Banned in Europe

August 25, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

A number of independent websites have reported that a court in The Haguehas demanded that Samsung cease shipping of three of its top devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Galaxy Ace and the original first generation Galaxy, in favor of Apple Inc.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Among Three Devices Banned in Europe

According to the reports, the Dutch court has ruled that Samsung and its subsidiary arms have violated Apple patents with regard to the method of scrolling the touchscreen and the use of the photo gallery, present in all of the above mentioned devices.  However, it has been stated that the court has rejected other suits regarding overall design and style.

If true, the Samsung supply chain in Europe could be hugely impacted as the Netherlands is something of a key and primary link.

Needless to say, if the Samsung Galaxy S2 is included in the alleged ban, it is quite possible that this will significantly help Apple with regard to the upcoming iPhone 5 release, rumored to be happening in early October. The S2 is considered perhaps the biggest iPhone competitor the market has ever seen, having already sold in excess of 6 million – despite having yet to be released in the US.

Of course, with the hysteria having somewhat died down already in the European markets, Samsung still have every chance of dominating the US with the S2 when it sees its official unveiling in New York City next week.

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