Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime – $300 Well Spent?

October 19, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Rumor-peddlers have once again been working around the clock to bring us the latest and greatest insights on exactly what we have been craving, in this case the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. According to the latest leaks, the good news is that the highly anticipated device will be landing as early as November 10th. As for the bad…those looking to take one home had better be prepared to leave $300 lighter.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime – $300 Well Spent?

The Galaxy Nexus or Nexus Prime is arguably the most highly anticipated Smartphone of 2011 next to the iPhone 4S. Understandable of course, given the fact that the new Nexus is poised to boast a massive 4.6 inch screen, 1,2GHz dual-core processor and perhaps most importantly of all, the very first public release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

As such, the $300 price may be something of a kick in the proverbial for some, but if the spec-sheet lives up to the rumors, it may prove money well spent.

Either way there is mercifully not a long time to wait to find out, as the answers we’ve all been chomping at the bit for will be officially winging their way to us from Hong Kong within the next 24 hours.

In other news though on a strikingly similar note, the HTC Rezound, previously known as the HTC Vigor, is also rumored to be set for launch pretty much any day now. The Rezound is suggested to be packing a dual core 1.5GHz processor, 4.3 inch screen with higher resolution than that of the iPhone 4S and Beats by Dr. Dre Audio technology onboard. Impressive indeed, but carrying another $300 price tag and remaining with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, it seems likely HTC are really going to have problems shifting high numbers next to the new Nexus.

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