Samsung Celox – the Biggest Threat to the iPhone 5 Yet?

August 23, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

The Samsung Celox, bigger brother and beefed-up version of the Samsung Galaxy S2, first reared its head in Korea some time ago and has well and truly jumped back into the limelight. While the Celox is said to very much resemble the standard S2 in many ways, the specs under the hood mark a significant step forward from an already monumental device. Needless to say, the Celox is now pegged as a sure-fire front runner against the iPhone 5, which is currently expected to launch in September or October.

Samsung Celox – the Biggest Threat to the iPhone 5 Yet?

Until now, the current iPhone 4 has been something of a step or two behind the range of next-generation Smartphones doing the rounds today, with the upcoming iPhone 5 existing as something of a mysterious ace in the hole ready to take on all comers. However, now that the Samsung Celox has come to be, Apple may be a little worried as to whether their upcoming offering really has what it takes.

Apple may of course have the overall upper hand when it comes to end user experience, having already stated their intention to focus 100% on functionality rather than raw power. This would indeed seem a wise approach, as on paper the Celox and a number of other current devices simply run circles around the iPhone 4.

It therefore remains to be seen exactly what Apple have up their sleeves and whether iOS 5 will be the mold-breaking leviathan the world expects and hopes it to be. 

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