RTM Upheld Multi-family Housing Amendment at Westport

December 15, 2010 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Westport Planning and Zoning Commission approved two amendments that would make building affordable multi-family housing alongside Post Road and Riverside Avenue easier, but a commercial property owner in the area petitioned for it to be reviewed by last week by the RTM.

RTM Upheld Multi-family Housing Amendment at Westport

According to the commercial property owner, the two amendments regarding building affordable multi-family housing has taken of the values of his property.

The review made by the RTM could have overturn the decision made by the Westport Planning and Zoning Commission, but the RTM uphold the amendment about the multi-family housing. The RTM needs about 24 votes to overturn the amendment, after a long debate, members of the RTM voted 17-16 in favor for Amendment #618 and 29-2 for Amendment #619.

Amendments number 618 and 619 can make building affordable multi-family housing affordable, an “inclusionary housing” that will allow the development of residential multi-family housing in Westport, Connecticut’s central business district, which would demand about 20 percent prerequisite for affordable multi-family housing.

Michael Calise, the owner of the commercial property and the lead petitioner said that the new amendments were unfair. He also claimed that his commercial property was devalued by Amendments number 618.

RTM Planning and Zoning Commission’s chair, Matthew Mandel said during the debate that he would like to limit the multi-family housing zones under the new inclusionary housing rule, but, the RTM does not have the power to change anything in the amendments, its only has the right to uphold or overturn Planning and Zoning Commission hearings.

David Press, P&Z commissioner is one of the commissioners who defended the amendments for the affordable multi-family housing.

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