Retail Property to Be Auctioned-off Near a Planned Intersection

January 12, 2011 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

A retail property in Yelm, a city in Thurston County, Washington is going to be auctioned off by Williams & Williams, a real estate auction firm that auctions all type of real estate around the world on January 25, 2011. The auction firm will auction-off a 9.33 more or less retail property, which is equipped with utilities and ideally located for business.

Retail Property to Be Auctioned-off Near a Planned Intersection

The auction company will have a live bidding on the site of the retail property, and will be featured “Live From The Lawn” on an auction channel— Auction Network, which will allow live bidders around the world to participate in the bidding by an interactive network platform.

Commercial Real Estate of Williams & Williams’ vice president, Dan Falls said, the retail property is a great opportunity because it is situated less than a mile from Olympia and Tacoma.

According to Falls, the commercial retail property is situated in a location that is currently receiving high traffic from Walmart Supercenter, which is adjacent to the property, and with the recently proposed highway extension project, the property has a potential to gain further traffic and business opportunities.

Williams and William has auctioned off around 640 real estate properties in Washington area.

Situated at 7041 SE Yelm Highway, the retail property stands near the heart of Yelm’s business district, as well as near to the planned intersection Yelm Loop or the State Route 510 and State Route 507.

The retail property is said to be zoned as Arterial Commercial— AC, which allows commercial uses related towards vehicular traffic.

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