Results Real Estate Announces a Successful Deal for a Commercial Real Estate Building in Minneapolis

October 20, 2010 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

Results Real Estate Incorporated has announced its successful acquisition of a commercial real estate building for its client, the RRK LLC. Results Real Estate Inc is a commercial real estate full service firm that focuses in Minneapolis commercial space and is representing RRK LLC, an investment company in this deal.

Results Real Estate Announces a Successful Deal for a Commercial Real Estate Building in Minneapolis

The 4464 square foot commercial real estate building is located at 6006 excelsior Boulevard in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and Results Real Estate did all the negotiation, researches and the final acquisition for the property. The company is making-use of its reputable system for acquiring commercial real estate building, commercial space, and corporate relocation.

Arnie Seltzer, the President of Results Real Estate Incorporated said that their company used its competitive strong-points for the deals completion.

Seltzer also said that his company’s level of experience, as well as its thorough attention to details helps in negotiating an exceptionally positive contract for their client.

Results Real Estate evaluated the distinctive requirements of its clients and then looks for the client’s exact needs while negotiating for the commercial real estate building at a reduced value.

Results started the process in acquiring the commercial real estate building for RRK, LLC in mid-April and then closing it last September 1, 2010.

Aside from commercial space acquisition, Results Real Estate offers services for, commercial property investment, property management, distressed property, lease-up property turnaround, and consulting.

RRK, LLC usually deals with foreclosed parties and has an outsource department that can refer the company’s properties like a commercial real estate building, as well as other real estate properties to other  co-op dealers within the State of Florida.

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