Recycling Program Aims to Reduce Construction Waste

February 17, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

To reduce construction waste, Tehama County’s officials are encouraging businesses in the area to recycle. The Tehama County Landfill Management Agency, according to a report, is seeking new and new ways to recycle construction wastes — the county’s many ways to promote sustainability and adopting green in initiatives in the area. Tehama is a county located in the northern part of California.

Recycling Program Aims to Reduce Construction Waste

In another landfill in New Jersey, the Ocean County Landfill at Manchester Township, is having a program that could earn $165,000 in taxes. The program is intended to encourage the towns, businesses, and schools to upgrade their recycling system.

Tehama County Landfill Agency Manager, Kristina Miller said, to encourage businesses to recycle their construction waste and divert them away from landfills is actually a “win-win” situation for the area.

The Tehama County Sanitary Landfill, according to the reports, is already recycling more that half of the construction waste and materials that individuals and businesses bring in. The sanitary landfill is also recycling other recyclable materials like Styrofoam, tires, mattresses and even batteries.

The several new programs Tehama County have at the landfill are making easier for local businesses to reuse even more of their construction waste, which can be used making new products.

A Yuba City-based manufacturing company, Greenfreak, joins forces in the county’s goal in promoting a better and “green” environment, is creating skateboard decks, custom bobble-head cake toppers, professional tool sets, and hygienic baths from recycled Styrofoam.

The state of California has this CAL-Green Recycled Market Development Program, and Tehama County is one of its newest partners in promoting environmental sustainability. And because of the new program, about 22 tons of construction waste and material that would have been dumped in landfill, can now be recycled and turned into green products.

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