Recently Disbarred Attorney Sells Luxurious Home

December 06, 2010 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

The luxurious home of a disbarred local attorney is being listed for sale on numerous websites for real estate. The asking price for the luxurious home is said to approach recent scales for residential real estate deals, but the property attracted a potential buyer from Hunt Real Estate Corp.

Recently Disbarred Attorney Sells Luxurious Home

Kenneth Bernas, the owner of the luxurious home was disbarred last September 29, 2010 after his guilty plea in a pre-indictment hearing. His case is expected to be sentenced by the State Supreme Court on December 10, 2010 based on 33 felony cases.

Bernas, deals with personal injury cases, listed its luxurious home property located at 5 Woodcrest Drive in Aurora, New York. He was charged with felony and allegedly diverted funds that are due for his clients.

According to state records, Bernas also failed to pay about $85,000 in state taxes.

The ex-attorney’s luxurious home was completed in 2005, and is situated on a scenic five-acre parcel near Jewett Holmwood Drive, has attracted a potential buyer, a broker from Hunt Real Estate Corp, Barbara Baker.

According to Baker, the luxury property is a special place and can put a person in awe because of its “old world” design.

The property features five bedrooms, a 31-foot by 21-feet family home, a 25-foot by 19-feet master bedroom, five full bathrooms, five fireplaces, 3.5 small baths, and an ultra modern kitchen.

It the property sells for its listed price, it would be one of the highest residential transactions in recent years.

For $2.6 million, the luxurious home is listed is several websites for real estate.

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