Real Estate Company Saved $1.9M Through Energy Star

March 21, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

The US Environmental Protection Agency has recently awarded the sole real estate company in the country to receive nine Energy Star awards, the national representation for protecting the environment through higher energy efficiency. USAA Real Estate Company, the real estate company, has about 92 percent of its office-building portfolio needs to attain 75 percent or higher Energy Star performance rating.

Real Estate Company Saved $1.9M Through Energy Star

Inline with EPA’s rating system, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority or Metro has also been awarded with the prestigious Energy Star award, which is said to be a part of a larger endeavor to attain a LEED or Energy and Environmental Design certification from the USGBC.

According to the real estate company’s Chairman and CEO, Pat Duncan, the USAA Real Estate happy and honored to accept EPA’s ENERGY STAR award in recognition of the company’s energy efficiency efforts.

The chairman of the real estate company also said that an Energy Star rating is an important accomplishment in protecting the environment as a good corporate company.

To achieve an Energy Star award, a commercial building must consume about 25 percent less energy and emits 35 percent carbon dioxide into the air compared to standard office and other commercial properties.

Other energy-saving efforts taken by the real estate company also includes the reduction of energy usage by 5.22 percent and water consumption by 17 percent, which allows the company to save about $1.9 in 2010.

The energy-efficient features in the company’s buildings include making cost-effective upgrades to its buildings. USAA Real Estate, according to the real estate company information, has reduced greenhouse gas emissions that equates to the electricity consumption from about 12,087 households for a year.

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