Prominent School Adds Green Building to Campus

April 01, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Schools and universities across the United State are now getting on the “green” side as most school structures and centers were integrated with sustainable designs like New Mexico State University’s new green building. Dona Ana Community College of New Mexico State University’s new East Mesa auditorium — the new green building has received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold certification.

Prominent School Adds Green Building to Campus

The University of British Columbia has also integrated green initiatives in its campus as the renovation of the entire university grounds to become an urban-sustainability laboratory has taken place. According to John Robinson, the project’s director, entire project, like NMSU’s new auditorium, will receive a LEED Gold certification from the USGBC.

The green building, according to a report, is known as the DACC East Mesa Center Phase V and had met the council’s standard and received a Gold for the green features and practices integrated in it.

Given by the U.S Green Building Council, the LEED certification is a globally recognized green building certification system that verifies that a building meets USGBC’s sustainable and environmental standards.

A seal given the USGBC is said to be affixed outside the green building to acknowledge the award. According to project manager in NMSU’s Office of Facilities and Services, Joe Payyapilly, the construction of the “green” auditorium was made possible through the shared efforts of all the people involved in the project.

The total cost of the green building project was about $3.3 million, which according to the report, was financed by the general obligation bonds. Other green building with LEED certification in the NMSU campus is the Football Coaches Office — which was awarded with Silver certification in 2010.

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