PNC Bank Mortgage Rates Still Setting the Standard This Tuesday

November 01, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

As has been the case for many of the past days and indeed weeks, today sees PNC Bank (NYSE:PNC) offering a wide range of mortgage deals for both home purchase and refinance purchases, which are not only in line with national averages but also leading the pack above many major lenders. As such, the opportunity is still very much there for borrowers to make huge savings, assuming they choose to act sooner rather than later.

PNC Bank Mortgage Rates Still Setting the Standard This Tuesday

In the case of the most popular home purchase packages being offered by the lender today, 30 year fixed rate terms are being offered for as low as 3.875% which yields an APR of 4.035%, while the 15 year contract on the other hand can be taken out for 3.250% and APR amounting to 3.380%.

Shorter 10 year fixed terms are being offered for 3.250% and 3.175% APR, while terms of 20 years can be locked in for 3.750% and APR of 3.884%.

Turning now to the most popular refinance packages, PNC today has the standard 30 year fixed rate loan on offer for a rate of 4.125% and APR of 4.295%, while 15 year balances can be cleared at a fixed rate of 3.250% and 3.540% APR.

While the rates being offered today across the board may well have defied all estimations by staying incredibly low, the general consensus states that they simply cannot and will not last forever, therefore any further borrower procrastination could prove costly indeed.

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