Patients an IPad Away from Doctors

August 09, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

GE Healthcare has released an Apple iPad application called Centricity* Advance – Mobile, designed for primary care physicians in small practices.

Patients an IPad Away from Doctors

With Centricity Advance – Mobile, clinicians using GE Healthcare’s Centricity Advance, a complete web-based EMR and practice management system, won’t be locked up to their desktops. As Centricity Advance customers, they can walk with their iPad wherever they like while continuing to interact with the patient and the patient record.

The release came simultaneously with GE Healthcare’s launch of FDA clearance of Optima CT660 – a powerful and compact Computed Tomography (CT) system that offers improvements from its predecessors in diagnostic capabilities at low dose levels, and designed for sustainability and ease-of-use.

Centricity Advance – Mobile eliminates the need for paper note-taking when physicians are away from their computers, allowing them to enter information in a way they are accustomed to. It also provides access anytime, anywhere to the information they need, formatted for the device they are viewing it on.

Centricity Advance – Mobile turns the iPad into a fully untethered digital “notepad” that the clinician can use when completing summary notes.

“This is the missing piece,” said Dr. Medhavi Jogi, Houston Endocrinologist and Centricity Advance – Mobile user.

“Now I can use my iPad exactly as I’d use a notepad and I don’t miss a single point of communication with the patient. Better still, it eliminates the perceived barrier that some patients feel when I’m sitting at a computer entering data. It’s a much more natural form of interaction.”

Centricity Advance – Mobile frees clinicians from cords and breaks down perceived communication barriers around EMR. The mobile application enables quick response to patient requests, such as prescription refills and emailed questions, and allows a physician to attend to tasks even when away from the office.

In addition, physicians can now use their iPad to order, digitally sign and route a new prescription to a pharmacy.

“We are pleased to be able to offer our Centricity Advance users a new medium for interacting with the patient record and the patient, representing the true value of healthcare IT,” said Mike Friguletto, Vice President and General Manager of GE Healthcare IT’s Clinical Business Solutions.

Centricity Advance – Mobile is an extension of GE’s Centricity Advance platform. A web-based offering, Centricity Advance is an EMR, Practice Management, and Patient Portal solution specifically designed for medical practices with 10 or fewer physicians.

Centricity Advance helps practices at every point of EMR implementation and use, including: going paperless, lowering setup and implementation costs, system training, creating custom workflow templates, and providing a highly usable, HHS-certified EMR that is positioned to help them achieve meaningful use.

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