Paradise Valley Green Home Gets 3 LEEDs

April 01, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

The first green home to receive a LEED certification from the United States Green Building Council in Paradise Valley has been completed last month. The green home, built by Desert Star Construction, a Scottsdale-based home builder, was certified by the USGBC based on the new home’s design practices and sustainable construction.

Paradise Valley Green Home Gets 3 LEEDs

The city of Broward County, Florida, will also be having its first ever green home as community officials and staff attended its groundbreaking. The green home, according to Mayor Rae Carole Synalovski, will be completed summer 2011 and will serve as the model for future green homes in the city.

Paradise Valley’s first green home, according to a report, is green-building project that includes a main home, casita and guesthouse. Green features in the home include photovoltaic panels to produce electricity, solar water heating, low-flow water and plumbing fixtures, LED lighting, and a detach irrigation system, which uses treated water, plus an in-line fertilizer to lessen water usage.

The green home project includes the main house’s LEED-certification — the lowest Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design award, but the project’s guesthouse has LEED Gold rating, while the casita a receive the highest award, LEED Platinum certification.

According to Jerry Meek, the president at Desert Star, the green home’s green features costs an extra 1 percent to the general construction cost of the home. But, Meek said the return investment for the green project can be felt within four years — in terms of energy savings and water consumption.

The green home also uses an automatic system that uses motion detectors and can set the light’s brightness at various levels, and only cover’s about 10 percent of the home’s space with carpet to improve indoor quality.

Owners of the green home, according to the report did not want to be identified, as well as the home’s location in Paradise Valley.

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