Panasonic Releases 55″ 3D Plasma TV

August 05, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

With the combination of high-speed 3D Drive, improved Crosstalk Reduction, and high-speed Moving Picture Processing, Panasonic‘s G14 Full HD 3D Neo Plasma Panel can produce full-HD 3D images, which reduce overlapping images while increasing moving picture resolution.

Panasonic Releases 55″ 3D Plasma TV

The 55″ Plasma TV (TH-P55VT30A) has a THX certification, considered as one of the “holy grails” when it comes to “guaranteeing an exceptional 3D movie experience from your home theatre display” according to Panasonic.

The added dimension of 3D to the Panasonic TV presents more technical challenges, including more than 400 rigorously conducted laboratory tests to evaluate every level of image quality and signal processing. “Superb” 2D performance is also required to receive THX 3D Display certification, Panasonic said.

“It’s easy to watch ordinary 2D images in 3D, thanks to the latest conversion technology. Content from image sources such as digital TV, Blu-ray disc, DVD or your photo and video collection can now be viewed in vivid 3D. You can even calibrate the amount of 3D you want to see, making it a feature everyone can enjoy at their own comfort level.”

Panasonic emphasized the importance of Internet connectivity as a huge part of “our daily lives”, thus its commitment to improving the functionality and applications available within the VIErA range.

“With that focus in mind, we have introduced the outstanding VIErA Connect feature, giving you more access to family, friends and online content than ever before,” Panasonic said.

It also allows users to keep up to date with the weather and financial reports and enjoy a range of gaming and exercise features.

The front surface of the TV screen is designed from a smooth single sheet of glass, less than 40mm thick, allowing the TV to blend in with the room while still maintaining a strong design presence.

In addition, the VIERA Connect Market allows users to personalize their experience via a rich catalogue of apps from third-party application developers. The wide selection of applications can transform VIErA Connect TV into a personal trainer, games console or social networking hub.

Applications can be downloaded from the easy to use market interface and users can customise their VIERA Connect menu by grouping commonly used apps and displaying them on the screen.

Also, DLNA / Wi-Fi ready enables users to make their homes even “more entertaining and fun.”

“Share images, music and other recorded content through DLNA-compatible TVs and computers connected to a router over a LAN network,” Panasonic said.

“For the most flexible playback options ever in your VIErA, you can now playback MKV and DIVxHD media files over your DLNA network.”

VIErA Connect Recording lets users record their favourite shows , films and other content easily onto an external USB HDD or SD Card, connected to their TV.

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