One Online Real Estate School Offers New Interactive Website

July 11, 2012 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

The first thing to know about any real estate school is that the laws relating to real estate sales are different in each state. Therefore, these new courses will vary in licensing preparation and content. Not every course is offered online.

One Online Real Estate School Offers New Interactive Website

There are many things to learn when one wants to take an educational course to become a Realtor. The process for selling a property requires many legal documents to be prepared and filled out. The regulations are in place to protect both parties.

The buyer makes an offer to purchase. The seller either accepts the offer or makes a counter-offer. He or she can also decline the offer. One reason for rejecting an offer is the buyer does not have his or her finances in order. The buyer must submit to a pre-approval application. The final decision to grant or deny that application is made by the bank or other lending institution.

There are regulations that must be fulfilled by the seller. The seller is required to disclose any visible or invisible defects in the house. These can include radon in the house, electrical wiring that may not be updated and lead paint. These are only a few examples. It can include plumbing problems, structural defects and any other potential danger or repair that may be especially expensive.

The potential buyer will hire an outside inspector to look for unreported problems. This expense is assumed by the buyer. If the inspection is satisfactory, the buyer will give earnest money to the Realtor. If there is a contingency to purchase based on the buyer selling one home (not yours) before buying another (yours) the contract becomes effective only when that currently owned property is sold.

These interactive courses are popular and a multimedia format is used in the presentation. Games, audio and graphics are all utilized to create a comprehensive learning experience. Applications of course content are shown in a well-prepared interactive online experience. It is taught within the delivery method of a Learning Management System. You will hear a pleasant voice doing the audio narrative.

You will see the course in PDF document format, which includes flash-based scenes. There is also a self-study course online. This economical version does not have audio included in the Flash parts. The student will take quizzes and tests to practice for exams, and especially the final exam. When the student has finished the online real estate course satisfactorily, it is time to take the State Licensing Exam, which is given in the state of residence.

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