On Sale: A $2.3M Mobile Home Near Barbara Streisand Malibu Home

April 06, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

A luxurious mobile home located in the famous Malibu is now on the market and for sale for astounding $2.275 million. The one-bedroom luxury mobile home, according to reports, sat between huge luxurious residential properties in the exclusive Point Dume Club, a mobile park in Malibu, an affluent, beachfront city in western Los Angeles County, California.

On Sale: A $2.3M Mobile Home Near Barbara Streisand Malibu Home

Another luxury-home located within an exclusive community is up for grabs in the market. The $20 million dollar home, according to reports, will be Britney Spear’s new home, which is located in Hidden Hills, an affluent gated development in Los Angeles County, California.

The tiny but opulent mobile home is said to have amazing views of Point Dume State Beach. It also has a living room, high-end and modern kitchen, and an outdoor Jacuzzi.

Famous neighbors near the mobile home include English actress and singer-songwriter Minnie Driver, the Canadian American actress/model, Pamela Anderson, the Grammy Award winner, Cher, and the famous Barbara Streisand.

According to the luxury home’s real estate agent, Michael Gardner, the property is one of the most expensive mobile home in Malibu.

Garder also said the home sat within the most expensive homes in the United States. It is sandwiched between a $ 55 million and a $19 million luxury homes.

The house does not look like a mobile home because it is built and remodelled using traditional construction methods, but it is built above chassis and axles, added Gardner.

The mobile home, the report stated, is only a few minutes from the Bay Watch’s famous Zuma beach, where the former Bay Watch star, Pamela Anderson lives on another trailer home in the area.

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2 Responses to “On Sale: A $2.3M Mobile Home Near Barbara Streisand Malibu Home”

  1. Mr. Legato–”Mobile home” refers to a pre-1976 home, likely on wheels. Anything built after June 15, 1976, was made according to very stringent Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Code regarding safety and durability standards, and is called “manufactured housing”, and is attached to the ground. Some even have basements. Contrary to much popular belief, as technology has advanced in many fields, current manufactured houses can withstand hurricane force winds as well as or better than site-built.
    Just so you know.

  2. Jay Rubenstein says:

    What irresponsible journalism….Yes the mobilehome is near expensive celebrity homes, but to report that it is sandwiched between a $55 and $29 mil home is a joke!

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