Old School House Transformed into Green Building

March 07, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

An old and historic school house is recently concerted in to a green building and has been awarded with the highest certification from the U.S Green Building Council — LEED Platinum. Constructed during the 1930’s, the school house, Staatsburg School in Mills-Norrie State Park, which is also known as Taconic Region Headquarters is recently converted into an energy efficient building, making it the first public building to receive such designation in New York City.

Old School House Transformed into Green Building

Other public buildings, federal buildings to be exact, have also undergone green renovations to make it more energy efficient and eco-friendly. The funding for the redevelopment, however, is from Recovery Act, in which, the United States General Services Administration, which is awarded to Denver, Colorado.

The $7.9 million reuse and renovation project of the old school house, according to a report is made possible by $3 million donation from Dr. Lucy R. Waletzky, and about $128,000 in incentives from NYSERDA or the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

Green initiatives and features integrated in the school house include a geothermal heat pump system for the green building’s cooling and heating, power-generating solar panels, energy-efficient windows, innovative insulation, and a high-end lighting system.

Other green features the school house apply include the use of low VOC-emitting products like paints carpets, and glues, were used to improve indoor air quality, while waterless urinals, low-flow sinks, and dual-flow toilets were set up to conserve water.

According to the report, the school house turned green building is now using about 70 percent less energy compared to average and standard buildings across the Mid-Atlantic region.

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