Old Town Hotel Remodeling Forced Musicians Out

January 17, 2011 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

Plans for remodeling an old town hotel in downtown Los Angeles has forced mariachi musicians out. The old town hotel— Boyle Hotel has been a home for some mariachi musicians, who are living in the 122 year old building for decades. They came into the city during springtime and summer— seasons for backyard parties, quinceañeras, and weddings.

Old Town Hotel Remodeling Forced Musicians Out

The remodeling of the old town hotel months ago has prevented the musicians to gather again in the same building. Renovation of the 122-year old building will include affordable apartment and studio- type units for local families, and mariachis.

Remodeling of the old town hotel will also boast a center for the mariachi musicians, with a break area and rehearsal room. It will also have two community centers.

Expected completion date will be on summer time 2012. The trick for the remodeling is to have the mariachis back in.

But, there will be a more strict application process, along with new rules and leases. Only two tenants for a studio unit, not more than two like before.

Some of the apartment and studio- type units will still be for $450, but other units will be for $600.

Known for building and renovating affordable housing, Boyle Heights group acquired the old town hotel in 2007 for $3.1 million. The group wants to protect old tenants in the building from being pushed-aside like the rampant gentrification in downtown L.A.

Last spring, mariachi musicians leave and move out from the old town hotel, but received $18,000 to $24,000 on average— as relocation money required by the federal law.

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