NYC Launches New Center to Promote Green Building Technologies

January 21, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City has launched the Urban Technology Innovation Center today to promote green building technologies in the city. The New York City Urban Technology Innovation Center is an initiative of the city in promoting the commercialization and development of green building technologies in the city.

NYC Launches New Center to Promote Green Building Technologies

A partnership of different universities including the City University of New York, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, Columbia University, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation will be joined with business owners in the city that will need a real-world test sites for the latest green building technologies.

The center will be maintaining database for green building technologies, as well as for its researches and needs.

NYC technology center will also be hosting community building forums about green building technologies and recent green initiatives.

Mayor Bloomberg said, New York will never meet the grand carbon reduction objectives in PlaNYC unless the city will reduce emissions from about a million of existing buildings in the city.

By creating the center, according to Bloomberg, will bring New York’s academics building owners, and business innovators, which will strengthen the city by creating jobs and sustaining a greener environment by the green building technologies.

Bloomberg announced the center and its objectives at Northwest Corner in Columbia University, along with NYC Economic Development Corporation’s president, Seth W. Pinsky, Robert Kasdin of Columbia University, President Jerry M. Hultin of NYU-Poly, Gillian Small of CUNY, Dr. Jane Snowdon— Senior Researcher from IBM, and Jason Pizer from Trinity Real Estate.

The new center is New York’s latest initiative to facilitate a partnership between academic accomplishment researches on green building technologies and the private sector.

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