North Carolina’s Facebook Data Center

November 11, 2010 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

On Thursday, Facebook, the celebrated social networking site announced its plans to construct in North Carolina, a $450 million Facebook data center. The Facebook data center would be one of the many companies meeting at North Carolina for a theory termed as cloud computing, which is centrally storing large sum of digital data.

North Carolina’s Facebook Data Center

According to Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, who joined with the state’s local officials and representatives of Facebook at the site approximately 60 miles west of Charlotte, near Forest City, this new Facebook data center would be a turning point, and declared that North Carolina is now open for business.

Tom Furlong, Facebook’s Director of Site Operations said that the construction for the Facebook data center would take about 18 months, and  construction will start on Friday, November 12, 2010.

The project would be the second data center that Facebook built in the United States. The first Facebook data center was built in Prineville, Oregon.

North Carolina’s Commerce Secretary J. Keith Crisco also stated that he is positive that the data center would be one of Facebook’s “would be” project in the state.

The state has become a major site for data centers, which are basically a large group of Web servers that are capable of processing incredible amounts of digital traffic.

Companies who also have established data centers in the state include Google, SAS, Apple, American Express, and IBM.

North Carolina has a mild climate that is conducive for computer and data centers, which are sensitive to excessive heat and cold weathers.

The new Facebook data center in North Carolina is expected to provide 35 to 45 full time staffs, as well as generating almost 250 jobs during the construction period.

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