Nokia Plans Windows 8 Tablet for June 2012

November 16, 2011 / Samantha Bartolata, Editor in Chief

Today Nokia made the announcement in France that by next June (2012), they will put a tablet on the market that runs Windows 8. Due to the symbiotic business relationship between Microsoft and Nokia, it has been expected that Nokia would produce a tablet to help them resume domination of the mobile market in the US.

Nokia Plans Windows 8 Tablet for June 2012


Just as the iPhone 5 was scheduled to hit the market on and off since before Japan’s tsunami, no one knows whether June 2012 is when the Nokia tablet will be available for sale or preorder.


Microsoft and Nokia co-announced their merging of interests in February (2011). Nokia will port its entire line of smartphones to the Windows Phone OS. In turn, Microsoft committed billions to promote Nokia’s development of mobile devices.


Microsoft wants in on the competition now dominated by the Apple iPad tablets and Amazon’s line of Kindles. In anticipation of eventual tablet production, Microsoft made certain that Windows 8 would be compatible with them. The Windows 8 tablet reportedly, has the appearance of a Windows phone.


Microsoft is developing a version of Windows 8 that will run on processors that are the choice of the other tablet makers. It will power electronic devices from tablet computers to stay-at-home desktops. One feature is said to be a fluid touch computer screen that is mouse-friendly.


Microsoft’s moves may propel Nokia back into the United States market with specifically, the Windows 8 tablet. They are expecting to prepare numerous other mobile devices to aggressively re-enter the US market. June 2012 may see Nokia achieve equality with the competition when the Windows 8 tablet hits the US market.


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