No Screen Size Increase for iPhone 5

August 30, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

No Screen Size Increase for iPhone 5A wealth of rumors have been circulating for months now regarding the possibility of the iPhone 5 boasting a bumped up screen size of at least 4 inches, though the latest reports to surface have cast serious aspersions on the matter.

No Screen Size Increase for iPhone 5

Component suppliers and other industry sources have rebutted suggestions that the iPhone 5 is to be shipped with a 4.2 inch screen, which had been sparked by several unnamed sources from across much of the world.

The rumors were so strong and widespread that a number of mockups surfaced, adding further weigh to the suggestions and convincing more that this would indeed be the case.

However, authoritative commentators have now said that the iPhone 5 will not in fact be the recipient of a 4 inch screen, or even a screen increase of any significant magnitude. Instead, the size will be kept to 3.7 inches at the very most, with a new design to the case which will make the screen appear bigger.

Contradictory rumors abound to such an extent that it really is difficult to know what to expect when the fabled iPhone 5 officially sees the light of day. While some are predicting a new powerhouse of a device that has been completely redesigned and built from the ground up, others have their money pegged on a slightly improved though largely similar iPhone 4 upgrade.

The jury is indeed out, but the one thing common across the board is the consensus that the answers are at last almost visible on the horizon and due to be made official during early October.

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  1. Dominik says:

    I can’t see them releasing a device with a bigger screen on this device. Maybe the iPhone 6 (which will hopefully have LTE) but not on one that will probably be a slight spec bump across the board.

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